Jan Roessner

Devoted Foodie, passionate Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan by choice, extreme Traveler, and a big Fan of great Communication. Co-founder & CEO at One Earth Rising™

Describe the Impact of a Project you’re focused on.

With our new entity One Earth Rising, we focus on using the story telling power and reach of video games to support nonprofit missions and causes around the world. Revenue generated through in-game purchases will be shared with those nonprofit partners.

What results do you hope for when the impact is amplified?

I hope to change the century old (and broken) system of fundraising currently practiced by nonprofits. With our approach, we want to offer a sustainable source of income for nonprofits through video games.

What do you have to offer as a connector? What can you give as expertise to others?

My European background offers a different perspective on life and culture. On top of that, I spent 15 years in the military as a helicopter pilot and officer, deployed in Bosnia (1x), Kosovo (3x), and Afghanistan (5x). I have met many fascinating people on my life which created a different approach. I grew and ran my own marketing agency out of Berlin and later New York and now, I have been active in the gaming and esports industry for many years. I also have a large network of great friends and influencers around the globe that I hold close to my heart.
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