Jason Offenhartz

JASON OFFENHARTZ has more than 20 years of experience across Banking, Finance, Consulting, and Operations. He has participated in close to $1 Billion of equity & debt financing, mergers & acquisitions, and divestitures. In 2015 Jason became a partner in IntelliSwiss USA, LLC, and. In coordination with its Swiss-based affiliate, IntelliSwiss Growth Partners, AG, the firm works with early- and growth-stage companies to maximize value – through transformational strategy & operational consulting; provision of adjunct/interim management; and financial structuring, M&A negotiations, and capital investment and introductions. In 2018, the IntelliSwiss USA team left to join another Swiss/Dutch family office and Private Equity team, forming Tri-State Capital Partners, LP. Prior to that (both full- and part-time), Jason served as a financial and strategy consultant with Shorter Cycles, a boutique firm of former corporate officers and C-Level executives. During that period, he also served as the Director of Finance & Business Operations (employee #1) for Global Thermostat – an academic-led company working to perfect and commercialize their revolutionary carbon dioxide capture technology. Thanks in no small part to these efforts, the Company was selected by Fast Company magazine as one of “2015’s Top-10 World’s Most Innovative Companies in Energy.” He also got the Company to the final round of auditions to be on ABC’s primetime television hit Shark Tank. Earlier, Jason spent 11 years in banking & finance, including five years doing Leveraged Finance as part of CIT Group’s Transportation Finance Division. While there he evaluated over sixty Private Equity and other transactions, providing over $400MM in financing across over a dozen deals. He simultaneously managed 10+ client relationship, including several restructurings and turnarounds. Before CIT, he spent two years as an Associate with SCIUS Capital, a boutique investment bank/financial advisory & consulting business serving small, innovative tech companies. Prior to that, Jason spent four years at FleetBoston Financial (later purchased by Bank of America). First, he served as a Manager and founding member of Fleet’s Corporate Innovation team – an “intra-preneurial” SWAT team of ex-consultants tasked with launching new products, turning around operations, and increasing revenue. Later, he became an Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Product Management. Jason began his career as a strategy consultant within the prestigious Financial Industries Group at the Mitchell Madison Group, in New York. Jason holds an MBA from Columbia University, and a triple-major BA with honors from University of Pennsylvania.

Describe the Impact of a Project you’re focused on.

Working on an investment into a medical device company that has developed a Wearable Artificial Kidney -- a device that will make traditional dialysis obsolete, greatly improving medical outcomes and quality of life for the 650,000 US patients with kidney failure (3-5MM patients globally), while substantially reducing the $40 Billion cost of dialysis and related expenses in the US each year ($100B globally). (This is just one project/investment. There are other, equally disruptive initiatives we're pursuing).

What results do you hope for when the impact is amplified?

Our goal is to "Do Well by Doing Good." There has been painfully little innovation in the world of dialysis and kidney failure over the past 60 years. This project, this device, will radically alter the lives of millions of people with end stage renal disease. It also stands to save Medicare over $20 Billion annually.

What do you have to offer as a connector? What can you give as expertise to others?

I have expertise in the CleanTech/Sustainability sector, as well as finance, consulting, management, business-building, well as access to a pool of capital for the right opportunities. My team and I have extensive connections and networks in telecom, media, defense/government contracting, real estate, grocery, and other sectors.