Jonathan Hakakian

Jonathan’s career is focused on supporting early stage entrepreneurs outside of the major startup ecosystems. He has a strong belief that an entrepreneur is a leader both of the company and in the local market. Jonathan is also an advisor to the non-profit Miracle Corners of the World, Young Leaders Program, empowering global leaders to execute on their visions. He lives in the Upper West Side (NYC) with his wife and son and can often be found walking through Central Park.

Describe the Impact of a Project you’re focused on.

Working on building out our next fund which is focused on investing in and backing strong leaders in undercapitalized geographies. Our goal by doing so is to give an advantage to entrepreneurs who may otherwise be passed over by traditional venture investors.

What results do you hope for when the impact is amplified?

That our portfolio companies do better, scale, and grow bigger which will have an exponential impact on their local economies and ecosystems.

What do you have to offer as a connector? What can you give as expertise to others?

A network of entrepreneurs at varying stages of their careers and investors (primarily early stage focused). Expertise is mainly in operating a business (strategy) and early stage investing.