Jonathan (John) Ragals

As a senior management executive in the digital marketing space, John is an energetic driver of innovative growth and change – especially in the area of service-based operations. His focus on executing business solutions with rigorous business planning and disciplined leadership has made him a well-qualified expert in the value chain. Having 20-plus years’ progressive experience in providing full-cycle executive P&L, project management, and consulting services, John has a notable background of creating vision, building structure, developing empathy, and delivering results. His record of success spans diverse industries and services. An accomplished leader – John led the team that first put Delta Airlines onto the web – and sold over $2BN worth of tickets for them during his tenure. He was later engaged by 360i as Chief Operating Officer. There, he set the stage for transforming 360i from search specialist agency with numerous small clients into a full-scale agency handling large major brand name clients and grew the company from 35 to 350+ employees across multiple offices. 360i was acquired by Dentsu Network in 2010 and he briefly moved into the Chief of Network Development position with Dentsu before moving to Ignition One. He currently is serving as Executive Consultant for Operations and Marketing for an IoT start-up that will revolutionize the pet containment marketplace. John has an MBA in Marketing/International Business from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Duke University. Engagements John is currently involved with Advisory Board appointments at Beeby Clark & Meyler, Futures Media, and Rowe Digital. He’s a past member of AAAA’s NY Regional Board at Advertising Agency Advisory Council Yahoo Search Marketing, Global Media Agency Council and Search Engine Marketing Agency Advisory Council at Google. John has been married for almost 20 years and has twin teenage girls and 2 dogs. He’s a cycling enthusiast and passionate about auto racing – road and endurance. John is a food junkie, enjoys outdoor life, and has a degree in ‘young at heart.’

Describe the Impact of a Project you’re focused on.

I am currently deeply engaged in an IoT project that is designed to help protect man’s best friend. Over 1.2 million dogs are hit and killed by cars each year. This project will help reduce that number by making pet containment more affordable and easy to use than any other system currently in place. Having had dogs around me my entire life, it is something I can relate to. I have been fortunate to have never felt the tragic impact but know those who have.

What results do you hope for when the impact is amplified?

My hope is that this project becomes a launching pad for a new “breed” of animal containment systems - more accessible and easier to use resulting in fewer tragic pet incidents any many happy returns for pet owners. And of course, the extensions of this technology to other applications are boundless themselves...

What do you have to offer as a connector? What can you give as expertise to others?

I bring a variety of potential connections from my diverse background in the agency and ad-tech world. I have maintained relationships with many of my former clients as well as colleagues from my companies as they have spread to their new organizations - I probably know somebody if not at a specific company, then within a specific industry - especially if it’s travel or retail related. Additionally I bring my global and local experience - you can be a start-up that is working locally but outsource an aspect of the business anywhere else in the world. Or you can be a global company that needs to send in someone from corporate to get the lay of the land at the local level - I have experience in executing in both ways and am always eager to offer my advice here.
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