Ori Barnik

Ori Barnik is an entrepreneur, consultant, and investor with a background in Advertising, Tech, Real Estate, and Private Equity. In his previous life he oversaw the creative side of Bud Light Social Media before joining BuzzFeed, where he most recently served as Director of Special Projects. Frustrated by the feeling that Social Media had become anything but Social, Ori launched a company aimed at leveraging technology to help people get off technology and back to connecting in the real world. Launched in April 2019, GroupMaps’ partners with membership organizations, professional & alumni associations, mid to large-size corporations, fan groups, and brands to help them connect people around shared interest and identity points, no matter where they are in the world. Besides working on GroupMaps, Ori also invests in real estate, securities, and private companies, alongside his brother and parents, as part of their Family Office which is based in San Diego, California.