Suneet Bhatt

Suneet has spent 25 years working across sectors and business models while participating in various company transformations and transactions, from raising over $40mm to the purchase/sale of companies totaling over $100mm. In his last role he led Boldr, a purpose-driven outsourcing company through 5x growth (team, revenue, geographic footprint) in under two years while leading them to become the largest B Corp certified BPO in the world. Honestly, Suneet has also had some extraordinary misses. What he’s learned, above all, is that people are the most sustainable, adaptable, valuable, and important drivers of everything you do. So take care of them. Today, he’s trying to match the bar of excellence set by his children (thankfully, they’re generous and kind). Professionally, he is launching a network of resources for people who believe that organizations that equip and unleash the full talent and potential of their people will win the future (Employee Success Network), runs a coaching practice anchored in storytelling (My Authentic Story) and writes socially impactful children’s books (Dream Village).