Suneet Bhatt

Suneet is the recently departed GM of Crazy Egg. He’s in his mid-40s but he tells people he’s in his mid-50s because then their reaction is “wow, you look great for 54.” He’s held a host of positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, across organizations of all sizes. Which simply by the benefit of years and roles, means he’s seen a lot of things and to a lesser degree, learned some things as well. Right now his top priority is being a dad to two incredible kids; he’s also advising, coaching, consulting, and just trying to be helpful to the companies and founders he’s working with which include Boldr (a mission-driven outsourcing company), SellCrowd (a sales platform and marketplace for the gig economy), The Right Question Institute (a 30-year old nonprofit organization that teaches people how asking better questions can create a more equal and balanced world). He also writes kids books on social issues which you can and should check out at
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