Tara Marsh

Tara knows the world of digital and content intimately and is equally comfortable around tech, data, machine learning, etc. As well as her professional talent, she has purpose, passion, and joy. She is looking for ways to apply her business and marketing acumen to effect positive change in the world, at scale. Having taught yoga and meditation for the past few years alongside her corporate role, the wellness field is of particular interest. She is exploring opportunities in mental wellness (in particular mindfulness) and movement/fitness. She sees huge potential for positive change, from the intersection of technology with health and wellness. Tara is not your ‘typical’ executive. She has experience in branding, media, content/creative and PR, as well as a strong business consulting and strategy background, having spent many years as a consultant at Bain. On the side, she is a wine professional, yoga teacher and acrobat. And she has pink hair 💖

Describe the Impact of a Project you’re focused on.

I am working on a number of projects to help people live more healthy and more joyful lives. These range from using technology to make self-help books more accessible and easier to apply, to bring a CBD product to market, to creating a narrative around research into psychedelics for mental health benefits.

What results do you hope for when the impact is amplified?

Ultimately I hope to bring a measure of calm and joy to people's lives, at scale.

What do you have to offer as a connector? What can you give as expertise to others?

I have a diverse skillset from my experiences across management consulting and marketing. I've built capabilities from the ground up, blending technology, innovation and creativity to grow business. I am well suited to CMO, brand and business strategy roles. Also growing through partnerships and international expansion.