Vanessa Kabongo

Vanessa currently works as a transfer pricing manager at EY. She has seven years of experience in diverse areas of tax. Outside of work Vanessa is passionate about education and sport for young girls. Fun fact Vanessa played D1 basketball and represented team Canada.

Describe the Impact of a Project you’re focused on.

I just wrapped up a find raiser for young women in the Congo. My next project will be focused on traveling to Congo to tech a basketball camp. The purpose of my visit will be to give the young women another example of a potential passion

What results do you hope for when the impact is amplified?

I hope this will provide the young women with another very important and studied Most women in C suite positions played a team sport and as a former athlete I can attest to the positive impact sport has had on my professional career.

What do you have to offer as a connector? What can you give as expertise to others?

Currently I’m in the beginning stages of my impact knowledge. What I can provide a questions related to accounting and taxation.
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