Upcoming Gatherings

October 2021 Wednesday 10/20/2021Virtual Event
November 2021 Wednesday 11/17/2021Virtual Event
December 2021 Wednesday 12/08/2021Virtual Event

Welcome to Orchestrated Gatherings, bringing together action oriented, socially impactful, empowered connectors!

The group represents dynamic change agents with a growth mindset and vision. This “portfolio of people” seeks diverse viewpoints and new ideas with the goal of forging important new partnerships and alliances to build community, financial growth, and social benefit.

Connecting people privately and safely in frequent, small gatherings promotes an environment of trust, sharing and ongoing interaction that fosters collaboration and idea sharing.

The opportunities that arise from this group of influencers are meaningful in their potential to cross-fertilize ideas and goals among industry, geographic and philosophy borders that otherwise might never intersect. A myriad of opportunities all resides within the four walls of the Orchestrated Gatherings.


This group exists because it is extremely difficult to measure the strength of our relationships, and to balance our desire for bringing people together with the necessity of sustaining our livelihood. We hope to provide a solution to that problem.

Our thesis is this: We only utilize 60% of our connections for our own careers and interests. That means 40% is available to help each other.

While everyone in this group has different styles of community-building, we all want the same thing:

  1. To help others and be helped in turn
  2. To figure out how to monetize our connections in an ethical and safe way
  3. To expand our networks with people we can trust
  4. To have our community-building efforts be valued

By bringing these people together, we hope to create a community that can help each other in a variety of ways.


Orchestrated Gatherings champion diversity, and works to be representative of the world.

We focus on having white men be the minority in the room, and those that do participate are allies to women. These men must recognize that true impact can only be made when we break out of our echo-chambers.

We are not one community, but a collection of the leaders  from multiple communities. These people are super-connectors, influencers, and change-makers.

The group’s integrity is built on two golden rules:

*Only people who the community would trust with David Homan’s kids can be invited into the group.

*Honor the chain of connections (if you do, you also build community)

Orchestrated Connecting Values:

  1. I will only use “double opt-in” as my option to connect individuals unless they have given me prior permission to do so.
  2. If I offer to make a connection, I will do so without being chased down by the person I offered to help.
  3. If a person I was connected to helps me, I will credit the person/people who connected me and do everything in my power to keep them in the conversation.
  4. Should a financial transaction occur as the result of connections, I will endeavor to reach out to the individual(s) who connected me and either formalize the relationship or return the favor in a manner that seems to be fair to all parties.
  5. I will show up on time to meetings or calls and not cancel without valid reasons.
  6. I will respond within 2 days to any introduction made, even just to inform the individual that I am unable to respond more fully until a later date—no exceptions except life/family emergencies
  7. I will at all times keep the contact information and knowledge of my colleagues connections privately unless I have their permission to share that information


The Orchestrated Connecting Methodology is a combination of behavioral psychology, data science, group dynamics/community management, and practical applications of complex systems around relational value.

It is currently being researched by professors at INSEAD University and has been applied to numerous other community leaders.

Constantly tried and tested through interactions with hundreds of Orchestrated Connecting Members, with the Orchestrated Gatherings, and discussed on the podcast Orchestrated Relationships, the aim is to create a systems thinking around connectivity to create true value for Relational Value.

Looking Forward

As the gatherings grow in size and scope, our technology will allow us to maximize our networks.

We are brainstorming a strength-of-relationship software to track, measure, and securely suggest opportunities for our contacts.

We may pool together businesses to benefit the group, or join together and become shareholders to build out a business. Most importantly, we will continue to do what we do best in a “relational value” way—connecting others, not just for individual gain, but to work towards a larger purpose.

The Gatherings are invite only, so request an invitation or more information, please write David@orchestratedconnecting.com with more information about your role as a Connector and desire to collaborate with others.

A CogVector in the concept of collaboration takes the existing webs/circles of connections people have and amplify them by focusing on each person who turns the gears, and those closest too them. By developing a larger set of connections from those with trusted connections, action oriented projects can come together more quickly and be more successful.