Orchestrated Connecting March '22

Monday 03/07/2022

1:30 pm (eastern)

Virtual Event, $25 per ticket (donated to charity)

The Orchestrated Connecting concept is to curate and collect connected individuals to both help others and drive forward change.  For both profit and philanthropic purposes, the goal is to build a smart, action oriented group based on people of integrity.  By aggregating our personal connections in a safe, private arena to amplify our efforts we can build massive opportunities for each other, and do so more efficiently with our time.

Due to the nature of the event, attendees are required to arrive on time and attend the entire event.

All attendees will be sent a virtual link to join after registration.  This link should not be shared as all invites are non-transferable.

Guest List

The private guest list for those attending this event is shared after registration. If you have received it enter below otherwise go to register to get tickets.