Lost Keys

Billions of Perspectives


Being Clear

The only person who is going to make the next steps happen is you.  My goal is to get you to take action and hone your approach.

To brainstorm how to create your opportunities, take out a blank piece of paper and jot down the following:


  • List your goals to achieve in next year:  Where do you want to be? Who do you want to work with?  Where are you, your company, your charities, your life going to head?
  • Now list the 5 things you’re doing to get there.
  • Repeat this for your goals in the next 3 years and 5 years.
  • Take note if any of the actions you’re taking in the first year are actually helping you get to your 5 year plan.
    Now write your obituary–what do you want to be remember by, and for achieving.

The only way to know you’re taking the right next steps is if you write them down on paper, look at all of these parts together, and then see if you’re being honest with yourself (or not) as to whether you’re doing everything you can to make good choices.

Then you’ll know whether you’re ready to create your next melody.

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