Opportunity #3:  Fear


Any great war movie has a line about fear.  Something that says that those without fear are stupid and those who can master it will live through the rest of the movie.


If you aren’t afraid of taking your next step, then you aren’t ready.  But if your narrative and research are solid, you shouldn’t be fearful of the journey.  You should enjoy it, because in truth, the only thing one really has in the end is the journey.


You have to love the challenge, embrace the criticism, and find humor (above all else) in what you aim to do.  The most serious challenges in the world remain so because we are paralyzed to make the changes we need to.


And when we are paralyzed, those who thrive on power remain in control.  

David Homan

David Homan is a composer and musician, the executive of a nonprofit organization, and specialist in connecting who has built a network of thousands of peers and colleagues internationally. He regularly sits with start-up founders, philanthropists, and business leaders for informal conversations to keep them motivated and to find the strongest and simplest solution to the challenges they face. He has raised millions of dollars through multiple campaigns, put on sold-out events for thousands of people, advised conferences, staffed panels, and still manages to leave work on time--most days.