In hundreds of meetings I’ve had with people at a crossroads and asked them these questions to spark their imagination. I tell them up front I likely do not have the answers for them, but I can get them thinking about what they really want and the right questions to ask.

This is a self-evaluation.  It’s personal, and will be kept private, but if you’re up for doing it, it’s intended to help open up your mind about where you are with connecting. 

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Experiences: Have you ever….
Traveled to anywhere (even local) where your race/religion/heritage is a minority?
Eaten food without fully knowing what it is?
If Yes, what did you eat, or think you ate?
Had a meaningful or memorable conversation with a stranger without knowing their name?
Seen a work of art and wanted to touch it or take it off the wall?
Or experienced during a concert/dance/play the desire to interrupt it?
Spoken in Public or to a crowd of 50+ People?
Taking Action: Do you have a project you’ve wanted to do or start, but never finished? If so, what is it? i.e. a book, a song, building a house, learning origami, etc.
First Stage Connections:
Below are the names of some of my super-connectors.  Click on each name below to see if we have LinkedIN colleagues in common.  If you don't use LinkedIN, try typing these names into Facebook.

David Homan
Michael Roderick
Chris Schembra
Ramphis Castro
Marcia Nelson

Charles Rockefeller
David Monk
Rachel Gerrol
Chris Sanborn

List here people or friends we have in common whom you know well enough in common to start a conversation with you about next steps in your path.
Now list your top 5-10 closest friends.
When was the last time you offered to help them with whatever they need?
When was the last time they asked you for anything?
What are the skills, types of connections, areas of expertise that you could offer to help them with?
Second Stage Connections:
List the 3 wealthiest or most prominent people you know (again this is kept confidential)
List the 3 Happiest/most content/settled people you know
Are any of the prominent or happiest people the same?
List three things people don’t know about you that they should.