Allan Boyd

Allan is a growth stage company executive with nearly 15 years of experience leading to-market strategy for cutting-edge technology products. Beginning with his first company ITOnsite, he has led multiple companies to profitability and successful exit. Allan’s unique professional history, with hands-on experience across the product and business development lifecycles, includes roles within product, engineering, QA, marketing, growth, sales, and support. Allan has been COO at AetherWorks for the last 7 years and is co-founder for distributed computing products FogCoin & ActiveAether, and AetherStore. Prior to joining AetherWorks, Allan was at Kelvin Connect, a provider of mobile data and information management systems for the law enforcement and healthcare markets across the UK. He recorded powerful business efficiency benefits, and ultimately, saw the company through its acquisition by Airwave Solutions (now Motorola Solutions) in 2011. Allan’s lifelong interest in new technologies as a driver for change has led him to take on advisory roles at a number of companies including AR/VR firm, Eazel, and IoT warehouse farming company, Atlantic GPS. He is currently a member of the NYC Forbes business council and a contributor on fog/cloud computing at IDG’s Infoworld. Away from his professional work, Allan’s interests focus mainly around his family life. He is a lover of the outdoors, can talk on nearly any sport, and is a keen supporter of a number organizations furthering music and arts education. Most notably, he is a proud volunteer at GOTO (Giving Opportunities To Others), a non-profit offering New York City kids the opportunity to go to summer camp.

Describe the Impact of a Project you’re focused on.

We all invest our time and energy in projects we care about. Donors and investors are looking for vetted, high impact companies. Volunteers and board members are looking for quality information from organizations so they can maximize their time, value and networks. Founders are looking to bound forward and have limited time and resources to provide metrics, reports and progress updates across their company. We believe non profits, ngo’s and volunteer led organizations in general, are the biggest victims of a lack of transparency and communication. We are creating a platform that allows all parties to access technical and business diligence and reporting. The platform will assist in activating entire communities. By making metrics transparent, we save everyone time, derisk involvement, and maximize impact.

What results do you hope for when the impact is amplified?

Each and every party has access to higher quality information and metrics about a given project or organization. Users can then provide their maximum value to organizations they are working with, choosing to work at times when the project needs their resources most. We expect this to lead to higher levels of involvement across the board.

What do you have to offer as a connector? What can you give as expertise to others?

I am an early and growth stage tech executive with hands on experience across the product and business development lifecycles. If you’re looking for help starting companies, finding the right team, raising money, building products, assessing market fit, or devising marketing and sales strategies, then I have been there and done it many times. As a result, that is where the majority of my network lies. Always happy to intro or help if I can. My personal interests are within music and the arts, food and sustainability, sports, and the outdoors. Always interested to hear about projects in these spaces.
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