Orchestrated Events:  New York, Boston, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Toronto, London, and Los Angeles (and counting!)

The Orchestrated Community consists of the most engaging, personable, and incredible CEOs, VCs, Family Offices, Artists/Entertainers, Politicians, and Impact Focused Individuals whose access is unparalleled.

The group represents dynamic change agents with a growth mindset and vision. This “portfolio of people” seeks diverse viewpoints and new ideas with the goal of forging important new partnerships and alliances to build community, financial growth, and social benefit.

If you are not a member, but wish to attend any of these events, please do by contacting David Homan directly, or through a warm intro.


It is extremely difficult to measure the strength of our relationships.  Our thesis is this:

We only utilize 60% of our connections for our own careers and interests. That means 40% is available to help each other.

The goal is to keep relationships “relational” while moving purposeful projects forward.


We recognize that true impact can only be made when we break out of our echo-chambers.

We are not one community, but a collection of the leaders  from multiple communities. These people are super-connectors, influencers, and change-makers.

The group’s integrity is built on two golden rules:

*Only people who the community would trust with David Homan’s kids can be invited into the group.

*Honor the chain of connections (if you do, you also build community)


The Orchestrated Connecting Methodology is a combination of behavioral psychology, data science, human design, group dynamics/community management, and practical applications of complex systems around relational value.

Constantly tried and tested through interactions with hundreds of Orchestrated Connecting Members, with the Orchestrated Gatherings, and discussed on the podcast Orchestrated Relationships, the aim is to create a systems thinking around connectivity to create true value for Relational Value.

Looking Forward

As the gatherings grow in size and scope, our technology will allow us to maximize our networks.

We are working to launch a strength-of-relationship software to track, measure, and securely suggest opportunities for our contacts.

A CogVector in the concept of collaboration takes the existing webs/circles of connections people have and amplify them by focusing on each person who turns the gears, and those closest too them. By developing a larger set of connections from those with trusted connections, action oriented projects can come together more quickly and be more successful.