Behavioral Psychology and Human Design are at the core of how the “connectors” in Orchestrated Connecting engage.  Our focus is on relational value and relationship trust woven together in purposeful community.  Pioneering how in person and virtual gatherings can create deep bonds (with the integration of Gregory Stock’s Book of Questions), and how a network of networks can maintain strong engagement at the highest level, every interaction is “orchestrated” to great synergy to amplify impact in all areas related to SDGs and a stronger, more vibrant humanity.



Some of the most impactful and effective musings on relationship strength, connectivity, and how to be part of the conversation.


Actualizing your network strength is about understanding your inner values and challenges, and being clear and intentional in all of your interactions.


The “symphony” behind you and the musical innovations that are woven into the Orchestrated Mindset are all laid out here.