Steve Bartlett

With over 15 years experience Stephen has worked on multiple top-ten records in 11 countries, including #1’s in Austria and Norway, and has multiple Gold and Platinum certifications with charting albums in over 20 countries. His work in music therapy research has brought him the Intelligent Health Award in 2017 and a place as a finalist in the 2018 SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards. He has been commissioned to compose for commercial clients including Herman Miller (DWR) and continues to perform live in New York. He originally hails from Australia, where albums he worked on received OzMusic and QMusic awards, as well as being shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize. Stephen has also started with a vision to change how records are made. Atlantic Records are the first major client and the future is bright.

Describe the Impact of a Project you’re focused on.

We want to change how records are made. The industry is on a huge rebound, and yet the studio side operates as if it were 1993. With a concise SaaS Cloud-based platform, we not only help run studios more smoothly, but also bring clients in, and revolutionize the industry for customers as well, bringing transparent value, and ease of use.

What results do you hope for when the impact is amplified?

We hope to make the industry more efficient, and believe that music and art in general is important to change and guide the world, so by helping to increase the efficiency, and the quality of the music available, we believe we can help impact the world in a positive way.

What do you have to offer as a connector? What can you give as expertise to others?

I have a deep insight to the music industry, having worked throughout many countries and having had top ten records in multiple countries.