The Impact Ask

The Impact Ask:

How do we ask in the most effective and efficient way to highlight our passions and our needs, and help others dream of amplifying them?

"Givers" in particular are great at asking for others, but not themselves.  This is why I honed, as part of the Orchestrated Connecting Methodology the Impact Ask.

It goes like this:

  1.  What's the impact of a project you're working on? (Hint #1--talk about your passions and why this matters to you, whatever the circumstance).
  2. What happens when that impact is amplified? (Hint #2--dream big and get people to see the ripple effect of what happens when what you're doing scales and helps others).
  3. What type of connections do you need move this forward? (Caution--everyone "fails" this to start because they ask for what they need, instead of painting the picture to "trigger" connectivity from others, we ask for what we want from something.

When you ask by triggering how what you're doing can fulfill and amplify others, you ask from a position of strength.

When you position your ask to paint a broad picture on the type of connection, geography, company/impact/brand, and goals, you can get people to realize the potential of aligning your networks together.


With that, there's more impact, and you've been heard.

David Homan

David Homan

David Homan is the CEO of Orchestrated Connecting and Co-Founder of Orchestrated Opportunities. He also serves as Senior advisor to LunaClipse Media, in liason with the Dalio Family Office.  He’s also a composer whose work has been played around the world, frequently on radio, and often with live modern dance and theater.  A natural connector, David advises start-ups, businesses, nonprofits, and philanthropists and helps them connect with like-minded individuals to make them more efficient and empowering.  He believes that one of the best ways to make the world a better place is to help people join together to effect a positive difference and change. As a panelist, speaker, cultural ambassador, and specialist on governance as well as connecting, David has carved an international career based on his ability to meet and help others.  He grew up in the small town of Gainesville, Florida, but has made New York City his home for 22 years.  David serves as the NYC Ambassador for Nexus, as Board Secretary of the Arthur Miller Foundation, founding Board Member of Ariel Rivka Dance (as well as composer-in-residence), Board member of the First Republic Bank FEA NY Chapter, and as an evaluator for the Unfunded List. Email:

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