SOLD OUT - Austin - Orchestrated Connecting, Samantha Denning and Hudson Penn

Thursday 05/18/2023

6:00 pm

This is a past event

East Austin, Texas, $65 per ticket (includes drink and food)

This event is SOLD OUT. We have a waiting list, so please let us know if you want us to include you there at

Thank you to our hosts, Samantha Denning and Hudson Penn.

The Orchestrated Community consists of the most engaging, personable, and incredible CEOs, VCs, Family Offices, Artists/Entertainers, Politicians, and Impact Focused Individuals whose access is unparalleled. Each event is constructed to create maximum connectivity and value for all who attend.

This is unlike any conference, “networking event,” or other engagement because you don’t drop by, you dig into real relationships that form here, and last for years, and where the level of integrity and trust is unique because this is a handpicked, private community.

If you are not a member, but wish to attend, please do by contacting David Homan directly, or through a warm intro.

The Orchestrated Connecting concept is to curate and collect connected individuals to both help others and drive forward change. For both profit and philanthropic purposes, the goal is to build a smart, action oriented group based on people of integrity. By aggregating our personal connections in a safe, private arena to amplify our efforts we can build massive opportunities for each other, and do so more efficiently with our time.

Due to the nature of the event, attendees are required to arrive on time and attend the entire event.

The final address will be sent prior to the event.