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Strategy #1: Narrative

Your narrative is key to creating a new opportunity, and you must tell and re-tell it until it sticks.  If you are truly remarkable at something and have worked hard to achieve success, then your narrative helps you exert your control over how people simplify your complicated life.


We have the “before you were” moments of narrative:


Harrison Ford was a Carpenter.

Alexander Hamilton started as a Store Clerk.


And then the catalyst moments, such as:

Vin Diesel was noticed by Stephen Spielberg because of his short film.


Your narrative is partly what you wish, and otherwise completely out of your control.  Thus your job is to pay attention to how you present and tell your story, and focus on what resonates with others.


Behind each short narrative is the longer journey.  Hamilton studied multiple languages, had a “late start” compared with privileged kids at Kings College (not Columbia), and forged his own identity to a degree that challenged others around him until they understood his educated ideas.


Vin Diesel wasn’t just a bouncer at a club who then made a movie.  He grew up in a theatrical family and always had a passion for telling stories.


So what is your narrative?  What are the key components that will allow you to be given new opportunities?