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Strategy #2:  Research


I’ve met thousands of people who don’t know how to get where they’re going, but they know they want to get there now/today.  If you haven’t seen the “underpants gnomes” episode of Southpark, go check out their Master Plan.  There’s a reason this is called opportunity #2.


You have zero excuse not to be well versed on the field you want to grow within.  

A composer who can’t name conductors or soloists who would champion their style is a long way from success.

A start-up entrepreneur who doesn’t understand the competition in his/her space is beyond misguided.

An architect who isn’t aware of the iconic modern and historic buildings in the town they live in hasn’t considered the larger purpose and principles of their profession, just their craft.


It seems like common sense, yet a majority of people, when asked, can’t name the most important part of setting yourself on a new path—research.